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What we offer.

We elevate your team's domain understanding and contextual awareness in international markets.

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Domain Discovery

Understanding the key factors that influence your AI model’s predictions requires a deep understanding of the domain it operates in. By actively collaborating with local stakeholders, we precisely identify what these key factors are. You can see our approach to Domain Discovery in our work here.


Assumption Challenging

Have you ever experienced your team assuming something about your target domain, only to discover later the reality was quite different? In international markets, geographical and cultural differences can magnify such faulty assumptions even more.

Our findings challenge your team’s assumptions so these don’t unintentionally seep into your AI model. You can see Assumption Challenging in our work here.



We recognize that insights into a target domain and contextual understanding aren’t always easy learn about through reports. That’s why we offer tailored workshops designed to help your team translate our insights into actual solutions.



How we do it.

The Value-Driven AI Toolkit.

We believe human-centered design research is an incredibly powerful approach to uncover domain knowledge. By using human-centered design research methods, we can easily collaborate with local stakeholders and dive deep into their local contexts.

Unfortunately, traditional human-centered research was not designed with AI in mind. Concepts such as data, trust, bias, and human-AI interactions have only recently become relevant. That’s why we’ve developed our own human-centered research toolkit tailored to AI development: the Value-Driven AI Toolkit.

Comprising methodologies that explicitly address essential AI aspects, it focuses on getting a real understanding of specific domains in order to deliver real value. The toolkit is a product of our practical expertise and incorporates the most recent advancements in the field. Some of the question we answer using the toolkit are:

Data & Labels

Which data and labels are relevant to your audience? Which patterns can we expect to find in it?


Which critical aspects of your audience does your team not see? What harm can not seeing these aspects cause?

Human + AI

AI can’t do everything by itself, it still needs that human touch, so what does that touch look like for your audience?


How do we help the audience trust the system? How do we make it feel safe for them?

The benefits.

Higher value generation,
faster decision making,
and less risk.

Developing great AI is hard. You need to have the right data, analyze the data in the right way, and, with a good dose of luck, extract something meaningful and practical from it.

So why not make it yourself easier, and prioritize value delivery by understanding your audience? This directs the development process towards the essential elements from the outset. This clarity enables better goal-setting, streamlines decision-making, and prevents wasteful resource allocation.

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